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iPhone 4: Zander Does Apple

I gave up on waiting for Sprint to get a decent phone. I gave up on waiting for HP to release a decent phone on Sprint (or even announce a new phone on Sprint). I have gone to the dark side and switched to an AT&T iPhone 4.

My initial experience with AT&T was mediocre. They are not as bad as they used to be, but they are not great. They set my account up wrong, so I have to call them to fix that.

Overall, I like the iPhone 4. I think that iOS is a close competitor to webOS. I still like webOS better, but without decent hardware, the OS struggles. Once HP starts putting out quality hardware (or licenses out the OS) I will probably move back. For now, though, I will enjoy this wonderful phone.

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Apple to Buy HP?

Did you happen to notice that the iPhone 5 was pushed back until this fall? I noticed and I did some digging. What I found was beyond shocking, but first, here is some of the back story.

When Palm was sinking, Apple was one of the companies trying to buy the company out in order to get webOS. HP was either more determined or they had more money. Either way, HP won out, but that appears to have only been a small battle in a bigger war.

According to my sources, Apple is in talks to buy HP. Not webOS, the whole freaking company. That is how badly Apple wants webOS. Because of this, Apple is working to make iOS apps run natively on webOS, which is no small task.

Now for the bigger news. The iPhone 5 is being delayed in order to finalize the transition. The new iPhone will run webOS, not iOS. The new integration will officially be called iOS 5, but essentially it will be webOS 3.

Apple will also be announcing the new iPad 3 this fall, which will have the missing specs that people expected on the iPad 2. Apple scaled back on the iPad 2 in order to leave room for the introduction of the new iPad, which will also be running webOS (iOS 5).

After all this shocking news, along with AT&T buying TMobile, I wonder if the new devices are finally going to land on Sprint.

(note: this was just an April Fool’s Joke, but wouldn’t this be grand?)

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