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Soylent Green: Made in China

This is some crazy stuff. First we get genetically modified food, which could end up being really bad. Now, we have Chinese scientists trying to make gummy bears out of human genes? This cannot be good.

But Engadget does ask a really good question. What will vegans think about this? I mean, people aren’t really animals, no matter how we act some times.

Vegans are going to be super-conflicted by this one. Researchers at Beijing University’s College of Life Science and Technology are pioneering a four-legged creature friendly method for cranking out the 300,000 tons of gelatin produced each year. Their solution: people. Well, not in the Soylent Green sense. No, the process in question here takes “human gelatin genes [and inserts them] into a strain of yeast [producing] gelatin with controllable features.” Sound appetizing? It might, if you want to avoid chowing down on “Mad Cow” tainted gummy worms at the cinema. Alright, so maybe these Chinese scientists are signaling the sensationalist red alert a bit prematurely — it’s just too bad Charlton Heston isn’t around to witness this bit of life science imitating his art.

via Engadget.

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