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Grey’s Anatomy: Zander does Jesse Williams

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Hart of Dixie: Zander does Scott Porter, Cress Willaims and Wilson Bethel

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Bedlam: Zander does Theo James

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Strike Back: Zander Does Sullivan Stapleton

I was wandering around in the OnDemand section of Xfinity when a preview for Strike Back came on. The preview looked fantastic and Sullivan looked better. Strike Back is a spy show that comes of age in Cinemax style.

The basic premise of the show revolves around a British government agency called Section 20. Philip Winchester plays the lead in the beginning of the first episode. His goal is to find Sullivan’s character to help the Section 20 identify and capture a terrorist. From then on, the action starts, the clothes come off and the story get riveting.

I have to admit that the primary reason that I started watching this was because the preview included clips of Sullivan shirtless with that amazingly hairy body. Cinemax got me hook, line and sinker. After the first episode, however, the writers drag me along for a fun ride through the first three episodes. Now I cannot wait for the new episodes to come out.

If you have Cinemax, check out Strike Back. The first three episodes are available on demand.

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Fright Night: Zander does Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell is making a comeback. His charming smile and beautiful eyes won me over nearly a decade ago. From Phone Booth to Alexander, he won the world over with his hot looks and bad boy persona. His sex tape seemed to bolster that image, but shortly after, he fell from the mainstream.

He has been putting out movies consistently since Alexander, but he hasn’t really had any big hits. That all changed this year with Horrible Bosses and Fright Night. Next year he will be starring in the remake of Total Recall. I’m glad to see that he has mended his bad boy partying ways and is back in action. Continue reading

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The First Avenger: Zander Does Chris Evans

I have been a fan of Chris Evans since his stint on Not Another Teen Movie. I even watched the movie Cellular, which most people haven’t heard of before. When he played a yuppie in The Nannie Diaries, I fell in love. I think he was a perfect cast for Johnny Storm, but the movie and the script weren’t all that wonderful. I look forward to seeing him in Captain America and the forthcoming Avengers movies.

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The Hangover: Zander Does Bradley Cooper

I never thought I would say this, but I hope I keep experiencing these Hangovers. Bradley Cooper shirtless will get me every time. Bradley Cooper looking rough is as sexy as all get up. I was first introduced to Bradley during his stint on Jack and Bobby. I continued to watch him on Kitchen Confidential. I missed his stint on Alias and Nip/Tuck.

Well, without further ado, here is the man.

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Thor My God: Zander Does Chris Hemsworth

I went to see Thor 3D primarily because Jason wanted to see the movie. I am not really a fan of Thor, but I was pleasantly surprised by the movie. The plot wasn’t awful and the acting was pretty good.

The highlights of the movie are the special effects, the shirtless scene and the nipples that keep popping out in 3D. (just kidding, the movie is pretty good)

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McSteamy: Zander does Eric Dane

I first noticed Eric Dane when he appeared on the show Charmed. He was cute back then, but then he grew into the fine stud that he is today. The facial hair combined with the gray hair just sets him apart from so many hot actors in Hollywood today. One of my favorite scenes that he did was in Valentine’s Day. He played the lover of Bradley Cooper. How hot would that video be?

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Green Lantern: Undressed; Without the Ring

I have been of fan of Ryan Reynolds since his days on Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza place in the late 90s. Now he has been crowned Sexiest Man Alive (2010) and will don the famous green ring. A ring that I sport a copy of on occasion. Ryan is hands down a sexy man. I enjoyed his portrayal in the remake of Amityville, even if the movie itself was not the greatest. I look forward to seeing Green Lantern with Ryan as the leading man.

I have been trying to keep the photos on my blog in the G Rated arena, but with the photos around of Mr. Reynolds, I could not keep that goal. I did, however, hide the slightly risque pictures after the break. Click the Continue Reading link to see those.

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