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LGBT Omnibus Bill of 2011 | Queer Oakland

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Under Federal laws, LGBT citizens do not enjoy full equality. I received the following email from Representative Jared Polis asking me for help in writing a new bill. Instead of having numerous bills with limited focus, Jared would like to create an all-inclusive bill.

This is your chance to give your Congress your opinion. What do you think is the number one priority for equality? What areas of the law are we treated unequally? There is even a place where you can share your own personal story.

I know that the fight for equality is extremely hard, time consuming and very expensive. We don’t get many opportunities to make a difference by spending 5 to 10 minutes on our computer. Please don’t let this opportunity pass by without giving your voice, even if this doesn’t directly effect you. If we don’t speak up, how will anyone hear us?

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Don’t Say Gay Turns Into Don’t Say Math, Reading, Comprehension

By now I am sure that you have heard about the so called “Don’t Say Gay” bill that is roaming around the Tennessee Legislatures. The bill was intended to prevent teachers from discussing homosexuality in public schools. As bad as that legislation was, the bill became worse (and much funnier) after Amendment 5 was added. Amendment 5 states “Notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, any instruction or materials made available or provided at or to a public elementary or middle school shall be limited exclusively to natural human reproduction science.”

Now read that section again, but pay attention to the actual words and not just the meaning. This amendment changes the meaning of the bill to state that “any instruction or materials made available…to a public elementary or middle school shall be limited exclusively to natural human reproduction science. Period.

If you take this literally, that means schools will not be able to teach math, biology, reading or any other subject other than natural human reproduction science. I hope this passes. I would love to see how many schools get sued for teaching math and other subjects.

via  Queer Landia

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