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Welcome to the New Year and the New Blog

I started blogging many years ago. Most of my blogs would start off well, but then fizzle over a couple of months. I kept starting new blogs, though, because I knew that I had a voice and a vision to share. Last year, this all changed and I find myself trying to outdo myself in the new year.

Last year, Mike Martinez contacted me about contributing to Queer Oakland. He wanted me to take the reins and run the blog like a pack of wild dogs. While I never got the full pack going, I did manage to get some puppies out there. Over the year I had good weeks and bad weeks with Queer Oakland, but in the end I found myself being a better communicator. For this, I would like to thank Mike even as the doors were closed on Queer Oakland.

I also spent much of last year working on Back to Me and Queer Landia. In hindsight, I wish I would have focused more attention on these two as ultimately, they are the tools for my vision in the coming year. Queer Landia gives me a place to share my moderate views on politics, queerdom and many other topics. I look forward to seeing where this blog will go this year. Back to Me gave me a place to share my random thoughts and appreciation for sexy men and humor. This year this will expand as my blog grows. Continue reading

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She Bops: Cyndi Lauper Tour Stops in Reno « Queer Landia

Cyndi Lauper. The name brings back so many memories. From my high school days as an awkward kid that decided to mimic her hair style (checker board, orange and yellow) to my first concert in California. I have looked up to Cyndi Lauper as an idol for many years. She is a strong person with compassion. She is quirky, fun and serious all at once. She loves her fans and proves it at her concerts.

I met her once, briefly, at a Borders in Indianapolis (thank you, Todd, for the ride there!!!). I even setup my email account nearly 10 years ago as imetcyndilauper. I saw her in concert on Cher’s second or third farewell tour. I missed her with Tina turner back the ’90s because she went into labor between Chicago and Indianapolis. I saw her again on her True Colors tour in Berkeley. Continue reading

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