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Fox cancels The Finder:

I am very saddened by this news. The Finder was one of my favorite shows this year. I think a second, full season would have given Fox the needed following to keep this show around for years. Unfortunately, a show needs viewers to stay on the air.

And “The Finder” couldn’t find its footing with viewers, despite its connection to “Bones.” Up against pedigreed series such as “Grey’s Anatomy” in its Thursday slot, it soon found a new home on Fridays at 8 — which did little to help its cause.

When Show Tracker spoke to creator Hart Hanson last week, he was hopeful but realistic about the series’ chances of making it to a second season.

“The funny thing is, my life would be easier if “The Finder” wasn’t renewed,” Hanson said. “If ‘The Finder’ doesn’t go, I could actually go on a little vacation with my wife for maybe a week or 10 days. And if it does go, I can’t — and yet, sadly, I still want it to get picked up.”

He added: “It was not a priority of the network — I say that without bitterness, by the way. They have to make their decisions. It’s like triage. They have to decide what’s gonna work best for them early on and put those promotional dollars behind that.”

via Fox renews ‘Touch,’ cancels ‘The Finder,’ ‘Alcatraz’ –

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The Finder and Geoff Stults

I have been a fan of Geoff Stults for many years now. From the short-lived series October Road to the shorter-lived series Happy Town, Geoff Stults became a name for me to watch. When I heard that he was going to be starring in the (forced) spin-off of Bones, I was really excited. His new show, The Finder, is on Fox right now. The show airs on Thursday nights right after Bones, another one of my favorite shows.

Technically, The Finder has nothing to do with Bones, even though they are calling it a spin-off. There was an episode last season on Bones in which the characters from The Finder appeared. The episode was more of a testing episode to see if there would be enough excited for The Finder. Luckily, there was enough excitement and the show debuted a few weeks ago. Continue reading

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Grey’s Anatomy: Zander does Jesse Williams

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Hart of Dixie: Zander does Scott Porter, Cress Willaims and Wilson Bethel

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Bedlam: Zander does Theo James

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Strike Back: Zander Does Sullivan Stapleton

I was wandering around in the OnDemand section of Xfinity when a preview for Strike Back came on. The preview looked fantastic and Sullivan looked better. Strike Back is a spy show that comes of age in Cinemax style.

The basic premise of the show revolves around a British government agency called Section 20. Philip Winchester plays the lead in the beginning of the first episode. His goal is to find Sullivan’s character to help the Section 20 identify and capture a terrorist. From then on, the action starts, the clothes come off and the story get riveting.

I have to admit that the primary reason that I started watching this was because the preview included clips of Sullivan shirtless with that amazingly hairy body. Cinemax got me hook, line and sinker. After the first episode, however, the writers drag me along for a fun ride through the first three episodes. Now I cannot wait for the new episodes to come out.

If you have Cinemax, check out Strike Back. The first three episodes are available on demand.

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The First Avenger: Zander Does Chris Evans

I have been a fan of Chris Evans since his stint on Not Another Teen Movie. I even watched the movie Cellular, which most people haven’t heard of before. When he played a yuppie in The Nannie Diaries, I fell in love. I think he was a perfect cast for Johnny Storm, but the movie and the script weren’t all that wonderful. I look forward to seeing him in Captain America and the forthcoming Avengers movies.

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National Coming Out Special

Do you have an urge to be on television? Are you between the ages of 16 and 24? Are you out and proud or wanting to be? Well, MTV is looking for a few good queers for their upcoming special for National Coming Out Day. Check out the details below

Bunim-Murray Productions and MTV are seeking extraordinary people who appear to be between the ages of 16-24, who want to share their coming out stories. Whether you have already come out, or you want to come out, you can be part of a revolutionary TV special airing on National Coming Out Day (October 11).

-Do you have a particularly unique coming out story that you are willing to share?

-Do you hope to inspire others to gain confidence to come out as well?

-Are you tired of not being able to be completely honest about yourself with a relative or friend?

-Do you have someone in your life whom you have still not come out to and wish to involve in this special event?

-Who are you most scared to come out to? Why?

-Has there been a recent life incident that has inspired you to come out?

If you are interested in applying please go HERE:


Jen DeMartino

Casting Director
Coming Out Special
Bunim-Murray Productions
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Alex Kingston: Zander Does a Girl

If I had to do a girl, Alex Kingston would come to mind. There is something about her that makes me pay attention. She is my favorite character in the new Doctor Who series by far. When she arrives on the screen during an episode, there just seems to be a great energy between her and any other character.

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Sara Ramirez: Zander Does a Girl!

I received from feedback recently that my blog was very singularly focused. When I pointed out the blogs name (back to me), I received a deadpan look. I was confused that a reader of my blog would want to see the posts shift from me (heavens forbid) to something about someone else.

But then I thought about it. There is more to me than politics, gayness and really, really hot men with very little clothing on. I do enjoy television shows and movies that have plots outside of men being shirtless and I do enjoy watching some actresses. With that thought in mind, I bring you the first (and hopefully not the last) in the series of Zander Does a Girl.

I picked Sara Ramirez for my first post because she keeps me drawn to Grey’s Anatomy every week. Also, the most recent episode (yes, the musical one) was outstanding in some regards. Sara Ramirez has an extraordinary voice. She is a beautiful woman that exudes positive energy, happiness, sadness and victory, and she does this simply by her facial expressions. As cheesy as the Grey’s Anatomy Music Event was, Sara was the high points. Her voice, her looks, her emotions, her very essence drew people into the episode. I really wish she would have sang the entire “Chasing Cars”. I would have bought the song and put it on repeat for hours on end.

But I digress. Here are some photos of Sara that I found online. I hope you enjoy the pictures and check out Sara Ramirez on Grey’s Anatomy.

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