I started this blog as a means to give me something to do while riding the BART train to and from work everyday. I was tired of reading the news and books on my phone. I spend a lot of time in my head and have numerous thoughts and opinions on a wide variety of subjects. This blog gives me the outlet to release those thoughts and opinions on the unsuspecting world.

Every successful blog has a focus, whether that focus is celebrities, hot men, tech news or gay agendas. This blog will not be one of those. I have varying interests and this blog will reflect those interests. You will see posts on politics, religion, technology and of course hot men. You will even get random posts with thoughts and ideas stuck in my head.

I hope you stick around for the wild ride that I plan to take you on. Please feel free to leave me comments with your thoughts. I really do enjoy reading what people think of my posts and would love to have discussions about my posts in the comment section. I want my posts to inspire you to think about topics and engage in discussions. I love to share my opinions, but I also like to hear other opinions. Debating can be a great pass time that helps us to grow as people.

Feel free to contact me if you want to hear my thoughts on a subject that may be dear to you.

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