Perfect to the Point of Abstinence

As my faithful followers know, I bought a domain name last year. After the fantastic run that I had in 2010 and 2011, I thought I was ready for the big time.

That purchase, however, was my downfall. My mind decided that since I was going to pay money to host this blog then I needed to make this blog more professional. I thought I needed to be QueerLandia. I thought I needed to work towards sponsors and contributors. I thought I needed perfection.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. My quirkiness disappeared and my strive for perfection reduced the number of posts. Slowly I went from posting three to five times a week to posting monthly. Finally, I just gave up. I wasn’t good enough. I didn’t have the right tools. I needed something else to make this work.

In short, I convinced myself that I wasn’t worthy of my own blog. This is 2013 though. I am accomplishing the impossible this year and failing miserably while succeeding beyond my belief. I used to be so terrified of failing that I stopped trying, but if you don’t try you can’t succeed.

So today I am going to try again. If I can quit smoking after nearly 25 years, I can do anything. I will do everything and I will fail, but I will also succeed.

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