The Finder and Geoff Stults

I have been a fan of Geoff Stults for many years now. From the short-lived series October Road to the shorter-lived series Happy Town, Geoff Stults became a name for me to watch. When I heard that he was going to be starring in the (forced) spin-off of Bones, I was really excited. His new show, The Finder, is on Fox right now. The show airs on Thursday nights right after Bones, another one of my favorite shows.

Technically, The Finder has nothing to do with Bones, even though they are calling it a spin-off. There was an episode last season on Bones in which the characters from The Finder appeared. The episode was more of a testing episode to see if there would be enough excited for The Finder. Luckily, there was enough excitement and the show debuted a few weeks ago.

With October Road, Geoff Stults was more of a side character that was entertaining, but Geoff was not used to his full potential. In Happy Town, I started to wonder if he was going to get a break and find a role that fit him. There is a reason that Happy Town didn’t last very long.

With The Finder, Geoff has found his perfect role. He plays an ex-military guy who is very intelligent, sexy and, to top things off, funny as hell. His humor is a bit on the strange side, but I find myself drawn to this show every week (partly for the humor and partly for the shirtless scenes).

If you have not checked out The Finder yet, please do. I think you will find this an enjoyable show. I would also like to ensure that we have many more seasons to enjoy. Have you watched it already? Let me know in the comments below. Until then, check out Geoff Stults in this pic from The Finder.

The Finder on Fox

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5 thoughts on “The Finder and Geoff Stults

  1. Chelle says:

    Did you know that he has a brother who looks a lot like him? He’s an actor too. And just as hot!

  2. FinderFan says:

    It’s already been revealed that George Stults is going to be playing Walter’s brother. I don’t think he should play his brother…I think that’s a little too…whatever for me. Geoff imo is the better actor.

    I’m really enjoying this show. I didn’t think Geoff could hack it; and boy can he. He’s perfect as Walter Sherman and his chemistry with Michael Clarke Duncan is perfect.

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