Welcome to the New Year and the New Blog

I started blogging many years ago. Most of my blogs would start off well, but then fizzle over a couple of months. I kept starting new blogs, though, because I knew that I had a voice and a vision to share. Last year, this all changed and I find myself trying to outdo myself in the new year.

Last year, Mike Martinez contacted me about contributing to Queer Oakland. He wanted me to take the reins and run the blog like a pack of wild dogs. While I never got the full pack going, I did manage to get some puppies out there. Over the year I had good weeks and bad weeks with Queer Oakland, but in the end I found myself being a better communicator. For this, I would like to thank Mike even as the doors were closed on Queer Oakland.

I also spent much of last year working on Back to Me and Queer Landia. In hindsight, I wish I would have focused more attention on these two as ultimately, they are the tools for my vision in the coming year. Queer Landia gives me a place to share my moderate views on politics, queerdom and many other topics. I look forward to seeing where this blog will go this year. Back to Me gave me a place to share my random thoughts and appreciation for sexy men and humor. This year this will expand as my blog grows.

I spent many weeks thinking about where I wanted my blog to go. I had many names that I considered, but ultimately I settled on OutWyrd Bound. The words Out and Wyrd (pronounced “word”) combine my passion for the LGBT community with my Pagan inklings. The word bound not only binds these two ideas together, it also expresses the journey that I am taking in the new year. Before I go any further, however, don’t expect this blog to be an LGBT activist blog or an in-depth religious/spiritual blog. I plan to keep my ramblings very similar to what I have been doing, but adding more content, more posts and more topics.

Well, my “little” introduction to my new vision turned into quite the post. I think I will leave the rest for later posts and I hope that you are excited about the changes that are coming as well as the continuation of the current content. And with that, I leave you with a quote from my idol.

I said my name
Under my breath
He turned down a twisted road
I won’t forget
I’m gonna fly my kite and let out all the string
Hold on to hope, let go everything
I can’t stop laughing and it’s nothing you said
The altitude of freedom seems to go to my head
And if I fall down on my knees I’m gonna get back up
I’m gonna get back up again


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