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Holiday Cards and Calendars – 40% off with this promotion!

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Hart of Dixie: Zander does Scott Porter, Cress Willaims and Wilson Bethel

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Boy Scouts: Gay is not okay, but child molestors are A-Okay | Queer Landia

I know this blog of mine is usually reserved for fluffier topics, but this has my rankles raised so far the Empire State building is looking up at them.

This sickens me. Pure and simple. Beyond the hate, the rhetoric, the politics and the degrading of gay men, the Boy Scouts have just stepped so far out of bounds. There is nothing that repulses me more than a group of people that turn a blind eye to the abuse of children, especially sexual abuse.

The Catholic church has become a joke over the last few years because of the scandals with the priests. Unfortunately they are still around. I hope the Boy Scouts aren’t so lucky. I stopped being a fan of the Boy Scouts when they became Christianized to the point of kicking out perfectly good Scout leaders who happened to be gay. Apparently, the powers that be in the Boy Scouts think that men should sleep with women or little boys. Gods forbid that a grown man sleep with another grown man.

Okay, ranting aside, read the following article from Yahoo News. It seems the Boy Scouts are hiding over 5000 people suspected of child abuse. If the “kicking the gays out” issue wasn’t enough to keep your money in your wallet, I hope this is enough. And to think I just gave the United Way $20 in the last few weeks.

via  Queer Landia.

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