DOT proposes ban on electronic cigarettes on planes –

Okay. I understand the desire to ban smoking in restaurants and in public buildings. I am on the fence about banning smoking in bars, but I am leaning toward understanding that as well. People want to ban smoking within 50 feet of entrances to buildings, which is fair I guess.

Where I draw the line, however, is banning smoking in outdoor public areas. I don’t understand banning smoking on airport property. I recently flew to Indianapolis and the new airport there is completely smoke free. Even the outdoor areas that are hundreds of yards from the general public area. Seriously?

And now this. Do we really need to ban a product because there is a possible chance that it might cause eye irritation? Shouldn’t we ban colognes and perfumes then? Shouldn’t we force people to shower on a daily basis? Let me tell you, there are moments nearly every day that my eyes are irritated because people bath in cheap perfumes or refuse to shower.

Basically, my point is that we need to stop banning stuff because we don’t like it. Is smoking bad for my health? Of course it is. Will walking by me on the street while I am smoking give you cancer? Of course not. The studies on second hand smoke were based on people spending numerous hours everyday around second hand smoke.

Tobacco is legal. Nicotine is legal. Fewer people are killed each year by second hand smoke than drunk drivers, road rage, obesity and stupidity. As a country, we either need to ban tobacco and nicotine outright (which would lead to prohibition 2) or we need to ease back on the restrictions on smoking and electronic cigarettes. There has to be a better compromise than banning smoking everywhere except my car and home.

The government wants to ban electronic cigarettes on airline flights because of concerns about health risks from the vapors.

The Transportation Department is proposing the ban in a rule being published today in the Federal Register, the first step in government regulation.

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, don’t burn tobacco. The battery-operated devices offer users a vapor of liquid ingredients, including nicotine.

But the department points to a lack of research into the devices’ ingredients that could irritate passengers’ eyes and throats as justification for the proposed ban.

via DOT proposes ban on electronic cigarettes on planes –

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