She Bops: Cyndi Lauper Tour Stops in Reno « Queer Landia

Cyndi Lauper. The name brings back so many memories. From my high school days as an awkward kid that decided to mimic her hair style (checker board, orange and yellow) to my first concert in California. I have looked up to Cyndi Lauper as an idol for many years. She is a strong person with compassion. She is quirky, fun and serious all at once. She loves her fans and proves it at her concerts.

I met her once, briefly, at a Borders in Indianapolis (thank you, Todd, for the ride there!!!). I even setup my email account nearly 10 years ago as imetcyndilauper. I saw her in concert on Cher’s second or third farewell tour. I missed her with Tina turner back the ’90s because she went into labor between Chicago and Indianapolis. I saw her again on her True Colors tour in Berkeley.

Her songs have inspired and altered my life. True Colors led to my orange and yellow streaked hair with checkers shaved into the side of my head. Her song Ballad of Cleo and Joe transformed my gay life at nightclubs. Heading West inspired me to move to San Diego, which, fortunately, ended up getting cancelled due to fate stepping in.

Now, years later, I get another chance to see her in concert. On November 5th, Cyndi will be performing at the Silver Legacy Casino in Reno, Nevada. I have been wanting to go to Reno for awhile now, and this just gives me the kick in the pants that I needed.

Will you join us in watching the greatest artist in the history of Zander’s world?

via She Bops: Cyndi Lauper Tour Stops in Reno « Queer Landia.

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