Rhode Island Approves Civil Unions | Queer Landia

With all of the excitement around New York passing marriage equality, Rhode Island’s passage of civil unions with extreme religious exemptions seems to have been lost in the news cycle.

While I do agree with the exemptions that New York passed, I think the Rhode Island exemptions go a little too far. The exemptions allow religious hospitals, cemeteries and schools to ignore the unions.

While I also agree that religious groups should be allowed the freedom to follow their religious beliefs, I believe that organizations that are critical for human needs and organizations that receive public tax money should not be allowed to discriminate under any circumstances.

I think private religious schools should be allowed to do what they want with their rules. I know that may sound self-defeating, but they are private schools. Cemeteries are a murky area in more than one way. I don’t think they should be allowed to discriminate, but I am not dead set on this opinion.

Hospitals are a completely different concern. Depending on where you get your data, around 1 in 8 hospitals are considered religious. In the Bay Area, that doesn’t seem too bad, but in a small town with only 1 hospital within 50 miles, that could be a disaster.

I am happy that Rhode Island took a step forward toward marriage equality, but I am really concerned that they also let the religious right take several steps forward in limiting the full execution of marriage equality.

via Rhode Island Approves Civil Unions | Queer Landia.

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