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Happy Belated Vodkamas!!

It is that time of year again friends. Well, it was that time of year again but I missed the holiday another year because I have been sick for the last 2 weeks. Our beloved Vodkamas came and went without much of a celebration this year. I need to make sure that I take the time off to celebrate next year.

What is Vodkamas you ask? Well, I am glad that you inquired about this wondrous holiday. My friends and I came up with this holiday many, many years ago. The idea is to celebrate vodka in all of its glory. The basic premise is to serve a dinner with vodka in every course. For example, you could start the evening out with a salad and a vodka vinaigrette. From there you could go on to a pasta dish with vodka sauce. The meal could end with a vodka mocha bundt cake.

And, of course, you have to serve vodka drinks during this wonderful meal. Whether you like a nice black bitch or a martini, any vodka drink will do. So what do you think? Do you want to celebrate Vodkamas with me next year? If you do, set July 25th on your calendar. The holiday was moved from the original date of December 25th due to obvious conflicts of schedules and reasons.

Please leave me a comment if you have a favorite vodka dish or drink that you would like to see highlighted in next year’s event.

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The First Avenger: Zander Does Chris Evans

I have been a fan of Chris Evans since his stint on Not Another Teen Movie. I even watched the movie Cellular, which most people haven’t heard of before. When he played a yuppie in The Nannie Diaries, I fell in love. I think he was a perfect cast for Johnny Storm, but the movie and the script weren’t all that wonderful. I look forward to seeing him in Captain America and the forthcoming Avengers movies.

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Soylent Green: Made in China

This is some crazy stuff. First we get genetically modified food, which could end up being really bad. Now, we have Chinese scientists trying to make gummy bears out of human genes? This cannot be good.

But Engadget does ask a really good question. What will vegans think about this? I mean, people aren’t really animals, no matter how we act some times.

Vegans are going to be super-conflicted by this one. Researchers at Beijing University’s College of Life Science and Technology are pioneering a four-legged creature friendly method for cranking out the 300,000 tons of gelatin produced each year. Their solution: people. Well, not in the Soylent Green sense. No, the process in question here takes “human gelatin genes [and inserts them] into a strain of yeast [producing] gelatin with controllable features.” Sound appetizing? It might, if you want to avoid chowing down on “Mad Cow” tainted gummy worms at the cinema. Alright, so maybe these Chinese scientists are signaling the sensationalist red alert a bit prematurely — it’s just too bad Charlton Heston isn’t around to witness this bit of life science imitating his art.

via Engadget.

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Rhode Island Approves Civil Unions | Queer Landia

With all of the excitement around New York passing marriage equality, Rhode Island’s passage of civil unions with extreme religious exemptions seems to have been lost in the news cycle.

While I do agree with the exemptions that New York passed, I think the Rhode Island exemptions go a little too far. The exemptions allow religious hospitals, cemeteries and schools to ignore the unions.

While I also agree that religious groups should be allowed the freedom to follow their religious beliefs, I believe that organizations that are critical for human needs and organizations that receive public tax money should not be allowed to discriminate under any circumstances. Continue reading

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