Seriously, Pizza Hut?

Let me start this post off by saying that I love Pizza Hut. I also work in retail, so I understand that centers can have a bad day. Today, however, my experience at Pizza Hut was just unacceptable.

Jason ordered pizza online from Pizza Hut. Shortly after placing the order, he received the customary call confirming the order details. This is when the experience started on the downward trend. The delivery time for our order was 2.5 hours. A little outrageous, but manageable. He told them to cancel the order and we would order from somewhere else. The customer service person told him that she could cancel the order and he would receive a refund in 2 weeks.

Seriously. Two weeks to get a refund on an order that they could not fulfill within a reasonable time. I can understand being short staffed and extremely busy. People call in sick and quit without notice, but under the circumstances, a refund should have been made within a day at most. Even if Pizza Hut does have a policy of taking 2 week to produce a refund, exceptions should be made when a center is giving turn times that are 4 to 5 times longer than the industry standard. That is just good business sense.

So, while I will eat at Pizza Hut again, I am really upset by this experience. Maybe this is fate’s way of telling us to stop eating bad food.

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