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National Coming Out Special

Do you have an urge to be on television? Are you between the ages of 16 and 24? Are you out and proud or wanting to be? Well, MTV is looking for a few good queers for their upcoming special for National Coming Out Day. Check out the details below

Bunim-Murray Productions and MTV are seeking extraordinary people who appear to be between the ages of 16-24, who want to share their coming out stories. Whether you have already come out, or you want to come out, you can be part of a revolutionary TV special airing on National Coming Out Day (October 11).

-Do you have a particularly unique coming out story that you are willing to share?

-Do you hope to inspire others to gain confidence to come out as well?

-Are you tired of not being able to be completely honest about yourself with a relative or friend?

-Do you have someone in your life whom you have still not come out to and wish to involve in this special event?

-Who are you most scared to come out to? Why?

-Has there been a recent life incident that has inspired you to come out?

If you are interested in applying please go HERE:


Jen DeMartino

Casting Director
Coming Out Special
Bunim-Murray Productions
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The Hangover: Zander Does Bradley Cooper

I never thought I would say this, but I hope I keep experiencing these Hangovers. Bradley Cooper shirtless will get me every time. Bradley Cooper looking rough is as sexy as all get up. I was first introduced to Bradley during his stint on Jack and Bobby. I continued to watch him on Kitchen Confidential. I missed his stint on Alias and Nip/Tuck.

Well, without further ado, here is the man.

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New York Senate approves same-sex marriage – This Just In – Blogs

Now we have another reason to sing “New York, New York”

New York legislators cleared the last major hurdle to legalize same-sex marriage Friday when the state Senate followed the Assembly’s lead in approving legislation to do so.

Earlier in the day, the Assembly passed a version of the bill that included an amendment about religious institutions. The Friday night vote in the Senate means the legislation’s fate is now in the hands of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who proposed it.

via New York Senate approves same-sex marriage – This Just In – Blogs.

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iPhone 4: Zander Does Apple

I gave up on waiting for Sprint to get a decent phone. I gave up on waiting for HP to release a decent phone on Sprint (or even announce a new phone on Sprint). I have gone to the dark side and switched to an AT&T iPhone 4.

My initial experience with AT&T was mediocre. They are not as bad as they used to be, but they are not great. They set my account up wrong, so I have to call them to fix that.

Overall, I like the iPhone 4. I think that iOS is a close competitor to webOS. I still like webOS better, but without decent hardware, the OS struggles. Once HP starts putting out quality hardware (or licenses out the OS) I will probably move back. For now, though, I will enjoy this wonderful phone.

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Is Starbucks Killing Unicorns? | Queer Landia

Headlines can be really deceiving. Taking a situation that might be happening, changing it into a question and then using that as a headline typically suggests that this is true. Writers do this to grab attention and get more clicks. (just like I did).

However, this can bite us in the ass as a community as well. For example, a recent headline on reads Is Starbucks Anti-Gay? Based on this headline, I expected some big corporate scandal. Maybe an email that was leaked or internal memos that got posted. Maybe Starbucks fired people for going to gay pride parades while drinking their Iced Lattes.

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New York Edges Closer to Marriage Equality | Queer Landia

Earlier today, 365Gay ran an article about three Democratic Senators switching their votes on marriage equality. Previously, Senators Joseph P. Addabbo Jr., Shirley L. Huntley, and Carl Kruger all voted against marriage equality, but now they say they will vote for passing the legislation.

I was really excited to hear this news, but the Senate was still three votes short for passing the legislation. That was until this afternoon.

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Seriously, Pizza Hut?

Let me start this post off by saying that I love Pizza Hut. I also work in retail, so I understand that centers can have a bad day. Today, however, my experience at Pizza Hut was just unacceptable.

Jason ordered pizza online from Pizza Hut. Shortly after placing the order, he received the customary call confirming the order details. This is when the experience started on the downward trend. The delivery time for our order was 2.5 hours. A little outrageous, but manageable. He told them to cancel the order and we would order from somewhere else. The customer service person told him that she could cancel the order and he would receive a refund in 2 weeks. Continue reading

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