Hucksters posing as pollsters | Queer Landia

It appears that I have a little something on my face. After my previous post about Mississippian Republicans and interracial marriage, David Bishop did a little more digging. The results are quite a bit different than what I first imagined after researching this poll. Take a look at the article below and then click the link to read the rest of his post over on Queer Landia.

Posted on April 12, 2011 by David Bishop

When Zander posted yesterday about the recent poll saying that 46% of Republicans in Mississippi think that interracial marriage should be illegal, I was flabbergasted. So I decided to do some digging to see exactly what this poll found and I’m beginning to get a little suspicious. First of all Mississippi doesn’t have partisan voter registration, so it’s hard to say how exactly PPP came up with their sample. Secondly the poll is actually supposed to represent ‘usual Mississippi Republican primary voters’ and I’m pretty sure saying that ‘usual Mississippi Republican primary voters’ represent the views of the whole Republican Party in Mississippi is a bit like saying that these people are representative of the Democratic party.

via Hucksters posing as pollsters | Queer Landia.


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