Religion Trumps Healthcare in Illinois | Queer Landia

In Illinois, you better come up with a plan C. An Illinois Circuit Judge just ruled that pharmacists with religious objections can refuse to dispense the “morning after” pill called Plan B.

For those of you wondering what this has to do with the LGBT community, this is a horrible precedent of religion taking precedence over the safety and health of Americans. The anti-gay religious conservatives won’t stop here. Which drugs will they target next?

Imagine if these pharmacists decide that providing HIV/AIDS drugs is against their religion. What are people going to do if there is only one or two pharmacies in a 50 mile radius?

Birth control? That could be on the chopping block next. Condoms? Religions oppose those too. Some religions oppose all man-made medicines. What happens then? If pharmacists want to put their religion above all else, they need to join a convent, become a priest or a nun. Pharmacists swear to do no harm. By refusing to give a person the medicine they need, you are doing harm. By forcing women to have babies they don’t want or to have abortions, you are doing harm.

Unless you want to go back to ancient times without modern medicine, you need to hope (or pray) that his ruling is overturned. This is not a final decision. This is the beginning of a war that will have billions of casualties if we don’t stop it now.

Pharmacists with religious objections to “morning-after” emergency contraceptives cannot be compelled to sell the product, an Illinois Circuit Judge has ruled.

The Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act was passed in 1998 to shield health care workers from going against their own beliefs. In 2005, then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich issued a ruling to force “pharmacies to fill prescriptions without making moral judgments.”

Two pharmacists, Luke VanderBleek and Glenn Kosirog, sued for the right to not dispense the pills.

Circuit Judge John Belz wrote, in a ruling issued Tuesday, that the 1998 law “was designed to forbid the government from doing what it aims to do here: coercing individuals or entities to provide healthcare services that violate their belief.”

via Religion Trumps Healthcare in Illinois | Queer Landia.

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