Sara Ramirez: Zander Does a Girl!

I received from feedback recently that my blog was very singularly focused. When I pointed out the blogs name (back to me), I received a deadpan look. I was confused that a reader of my blog would want to see the posts shift from me (heavens forbid) to something about someone else.

But then I thought about it. There is more to me than politics, gayness and really, really hot men with very little clothing on. I do enjoy television shows and movies that have plots outside of men being shirtless and I do enjoy watching some actresses. With that thought in mind, I bring you the first (and hopefully not the last) in the series of Zander Does a Girl.

I picked Sara Ramirez for my first post because she keeps me drawn to Grey’s Anatomy every week. Also, the most recent episode (yes, the musical one) was outstanding in some regards. Sara Ramirez has an extraordinary voice. She is a beautiful woman that exudes positive energy, happiness, sadness and victory, and she does this simply by her facial expressions. As cheesy as the Grey’s Anatomy Music Event was, Sara was the high points. Her voice, her looks, her emotions, her very essence drew people into the episode. I really wish she would have sang the entire “Chasing Cars”. I would have bought the song and put it on repeat for hours on end.

But I digress. Here are some photos of Sara that I found online. I hope you enjoy the pictures and check out Sara Ramirez on Grey’s Anatomy.

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