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Wedding Wars: Zander Does Movies

This movie came out 5 years ago, but I only recently found the movie on Netflix and added it to my list. I started watching this expecting a cheesy movie about marriage rights and how bigoted the other side was in this debate. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised by a beautiful movie (that was sometimes cheesy) that dealt with both sides of the gay marriage debate. The movie did not have a happy ever after ending, but it did have great moments.

In the movie, Eric Dane plays a speech writer (Ben) for a Republican governor in Maine. His character is also dating the governor’s daughter and proposes to her at the beginning of the movie. John Stamos plays Eric Dane’s sorta-out gay brother (Shel). Once the engagement is official, Ben’s fiance asks him to get his brother to be the wedding planner. From there, the movie gets going on a fun ride that is well worth watching. Continue reading

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Newer Theme for Back to Me

Here is another interesting theme. WordPress does not have very many themes available. I might just have to learn to write html programming to get the look that I am after.

New Theme for Back to Me

I am trying out a new theme for my blog. What do you think? Do you like this theme? Do you prefer the old theme? Do you want me to keep looking for a different theme?

Leave a comment and let me know what your thoughts are on this.

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Scre4m: Zander Does Scream

Before you read this any further, please note that there may be some unintentional spoilers in this post. If you plan on watching this movie, please do not read this any further. I will try to not spoil the movie for those of you that must read every word that I write and still plan on watching the movie, but some small spoilers may come out. Be warned now.

Once again, if you are planning on watching this movie and do not want to know anything about the movie, do not click to continue reading. I hate when people spoil movies for me, so I don’t want that to happen to you. Please do not click to read more. Hopefully, that was enough warnings.

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NOM Followers Convert One of Their Own | Queer Landia

Louis Marinelli organized the National Organization for Marriage’s bus tour. He drove the RV and blogged about the bus tour. He has made comments such as “homosexuals have shorter life spans due to their lifestyle” and “homosexuals are deceitful people who care only about themselves”.

So how does one of the higher-ups in an anti-gay group become an advocate for marriage equality? He listened to his followers and became repulsed by what they were saying. He also listened to the LGBT protesters and a light bulb went off for him. Read some quotes from him below, but also make sure you check out the original interview.

via NOM Followers Convert One of Their Own | Queer Landia.

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In the Can

This video is from a couple of years ago, but it still makes me chuckle.

Hucksters posing as pollsters | Queer Landia

It appears that I have a little something on my face. After my previous post about Mississippian Republicans and interracial marriage, David Bishop did a little more digging. The results are quite a bit different than what I first imagined after researching this poll. Take a look at the article below and then click the link to read the rest of his post over on Queer Landia.

Posted on April 12, 2011 by David Bishop

When Zander posted yesterday about the recent poll saying that 46% of Republicans in Mississippi think that interracial marriage should be illegal, I was flabbergasted. So I decided to do some digging to see exactly what this poll found and I’m beginning to get a little suspicious. First of all Mississippi doesn’t have partisan voter registration, so it’s hard to say how exactly PPP came up with their sample. Secondly the poll is actually supposed to represent ‘usual Mississippi Republican primary voters’ and I’m pretty sure saying that ‘usual Mississippi Republican primary voters’ represent the views of the whole Republican Party in Mississippi is a bit like saying that these people are representative of the Democratic party.

via Hucksters posing as pollsters | Queer Landia.

McSteamy: Zander does Eric Dane

I first noticed Eric Dane when he appeared on the show Charmed. He was cute back then, but then he grew into the fine stud that he is today. The facial hair combined with the gray hair just sets him apart from so many hot actors in Hollywood today. One of my favorite scenes that he did was in Valentine’s Day. He played the lover of Bradley Cooper. How hot would that video be?

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