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A Call to Arms for Conservatives | Queer Landia

The announcement by the Department of Justice and the President to not defend the Defense of Marriage Act is a call to arms for Conservatives. We need to stand up, united, to take back the Republican party. We need to show the Republicans what it means to be a conservative.

We don’t care who “we the people” decide to marry. That doesn’t affect our neighbors or our economy. We don’t care whether “we the people” are gay or straight when they serve in our military to defend our great country. A good soldier is a great asset. We don’t care whether “we the people” are god loving phreaks. Religion should be personal and private.

But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly. Matthew 6:6

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Vegas, Baby

We are Vegas bound, people. Jason and I are heading out to Vegas today. One of our big stops will be the M&M’s World store on Vegas Blvd. This is my first time in Vegas, so feel free to leave comments on where to go or what to do.

M&M’s World

3785 Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, Nevada

next to the MGM Hotel & Casino

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Green Lantern: Undressed; Without the Ring

I have been of fan of Ryan Reynolds since his days on Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza place in the late 90s. Now he has been crowned Sexiest Man Alive (2010) and will don the famous green ring. A ring that I sport a copy of on occasion. Ryan is hands down a sexy man. I enjoyed his portrayal in the remake of Amityville, even if the movie itself was not the greatest. I look forward to seeing Green Lantern with Ryan as the leading man.

I have been trying to keep the photos on my blog in the G Rated arena, but with the photos around of Mr. Reynolds, I could not keep that goal. I did, however, hide the slightly risque pictures after the break. Click the Continue Reading link to see those.

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Back To Me Goes Queerer!

My stint over on Queer Oakland has been brief, but fruitful. The team running the Queer Network has added me to their new flagship site Queer Landia. I have a few posts over there already, so check them out.

To summarize the latest updates, you can now find my posts on three sites. I will keep running Back To Me with (hopefully) weekly posts. If you live in the Oakland, CA area, you can check out items directly concerning the city over on Queer Oakland. For more worldly news, you can now find me on Queer Landia.

That is three whole blogs with even more space space for my opinions to explode. Three blogs to absorb information from the mind of me. If that sounds daunting, let me break down what will be posted where. Queer Oakland will continue to focus on Oakland community items and LGBT Oakland items. Back to Me will continue to focus on random thoughts, including tech, politics, GLBT news and, of course, hot men. Queer Landia will be the larger platform for national (and world) news about GLBT news and politics.

Does that sound easy? I hope so. I also hope to see you around the blogs and in the comments sections. While I do have my posts hitting Facebook, I don’t spend much time on that site any more. If you want me to see your thoughts, views and comments, click the link on FB and go directly to the blog to leave a comment.

2011 is going to be an exciting year. I hope you will come along for the ride.

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