Seriously, Sprint?

After doing some research, I have discovered that Sprint is the company that is responsible for the Pre Plus and the Pre 2 not being available for Sprint customers. After my bad encounter with the Sprint store in Union City, I am leaning towards leaving Sprint. The only problem is that Verizon and AT&T are going to cost me an extra $30 a month (or more) for the same plan that I have with Sprint.

Do I really want to pay an extra $360 a year for the Pre 2? I don’t think the Pre 2 has quite enough features for me to jump on that boat, but the upcoming webOS phones may be enough (I refuse to call it HP webOS). I think I will look into buying the phone directly from HPalm if I can activate it on my Sprint account. When HPalm reveals the phone that is coming shortly after the Pre 2, I may jump ship if Sprint doesn’t offer the phone.

All of this aside, however, I am really angry with Sprint. When people think of Verizon, they typically think of Droid phones. When they think of AT&T, they think of the iPhone. When people think of Sprint, what comes to mind? Cheaper plans. Sprint could change that by becoming the ultimate webOS carrier instead of leaving Verizon to take on the Droid series, the upcoming Apple phone AND the Pre 2. Verizon is just a jumble of mobile OSes and I fear that Palm’s webOS will just get lost in the Shuffle. Sprint needs to step up and be the leader of Palm phones that they were in the past.

So my dilemma is this: stay with the best mobile OS and move to Verizon? Go the European route and buy the Pre 2 outright and stay with Sprint? Jump on board with the second best OS and get the new Apple phone that is going to hit Verizon?

Any thoughts?

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