Seriously, HPalm?

Dear HPalm,

If you are going to force me to leave the comfort and low cost of Sprint, why do you think I will stay with WebOS? Apple has better hardware and more apps. They are also getting ready to announce a phone on Verizon.

I have owned the Palm Pre since the first week that it came out. When the Pre Plus was announced for Verizon, I thought maybe we would see it migrate over to Sprint. Instead, you moved over to AT&T. I forgave you though, because what I really wanted was better hardware.

Palm created the best mobile OS with webOS. With the announcement of webOS 2.0, they are even further ahead of the others. However, Palm (and now HPalm) are way behind several of the competitors when it comes to the hardware. Do you really think a 3.1″ screen is even remotely viable with the 4 and 5 inch screens on the market?

In summary, HPalm, I am very saddened by your announcement today. I don’t want to leave Sprint. I have been a faithful follower of webOS since day 6, but now you slap me in the face for the second time. What is a person to do with that?


Original Pre Owner


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