Tennessee Fire Ignites National Debate on Public Services

I don’t even know what to say about this. How could anyone just let a person’s house burn down? How could professional firefighters just let this house burn to the ground because the owner didn’t pay the fee? Put the fire out and then work out the details and fines.

When Lance Cranick burned trash in a barrel behind his grandparents’ house, he probably didn’t expect to ignite a national debate on the services municipalities need to provide for their citizens. Yet that’s exactly what happened on September 29, when the sixteen-year-old resident of Obion county, Tennessee left the fire unattended while he took a shower. When he returned, a nearby shed was aflame. Despite his efforts to stop the fire with a garden hose, it soon spread to his grandparents’ home.

Lance’s grandfather, Gene Cranick, called the nearby South Fulton fire department to request assistance. But, despite his increasingly frenzied calls and his offer to pay for help, the fire department refused to send trucks to the scene: apparently, Cranick hadn’t paid his yearly fire subscription, a $75 fee that some rural residents in Obion have to pay in order to get fire department service. As a result, firefighters left his house to burn.

via Tennessee Fire Ignites National Debate on Public Services – DailyFinance.


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