Throwing out the Playbook

Blackberry is jumping into the tablet game with their new Playbook. First, I have to agree that the name is pretty cool. Outside of that, I have no use for a Blackberry phone or tablet, but this looks really nice for those of you that are stuck on BB.

“So Blackberry announced their tablet today…the Playbook. My immediate impression? Awesome name. There were rumors of a few others out there…BlackPad was the worst. This is actually one of the few times I can think of where the final name of a project was actually better than the code names. But I digress…

The Playbook is essentially BB’s answer to the iPad, and from the looks of it, it may be a nice choice. I have to say, most of the tablets I have seen haven’t been all that impressive. That could be simply because most of them are Android and I am not a huge fan of that OS, but this one, especially from a hardware perspective is pretty darn impressive.”

via Throwing out the Playbook | webOSroundup.


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