Replacing Starbucks: Tully’s

I am on the prowl for a Starbucks replacement. I tried Tully’s the other day, but I was not impressed at all. To start with, I wasn’t greeted, even though there was only one person in front of me. Then, I ordered their highly advertised pumpkin spice latte, but they didn’t have pumpkin spice. If you haven’t been to a Tully’s recently, you will understand my frustration. They have signs and posters everywhere for this, but it’s not available.

After those disappointments, I ordered an iced vanilla latte, which is my year-round backup. While the guy was making the drink, I decided I wanted a snack. They have beautiful pastries, sandwiches and snacks in the display case, but most of the items did not have tags. I hate asking numerous questions, so I settled on what I thought was a peanut butter chocolate bar. Well, you can’t judge a bar by it’s looks. This baby was loaded with coconut.

Once they called my name, I walked over to pick up my drink. They got my order wrong. They made a hot latte instead of an iced latte.

To sum up this one star experience, they didn’t greet me; they didn’t have the special, seasonal drink available; their product was not tagged or priced; they screwed up my drink. Tully’s is currently off of my radar.

Any suggestions? I would prefer a place that offers pumpkin spice during the holidays, but that is not a must. Having iced lattes is a must.


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