Labor Day Weekend: Part 1

So far, this has been one of the best Labor Day weekends that I have had in several years. I started off with some “me” time on Friday night. I played Cafe World and chatted with a dear friend back in Indiana. We always have fun while playing CW and chatting on FB.

Saturday was a good day for relaxing and being lazy, followed by a cookout at Mike and David’s place. David was whipping up the drinks for people while Mike was preparing the grill. The drinks were good, the conversation was wonderful and the smell of the meat cooking was incredible. When it was time to eat, everyone ran upstairs to tear into the food and get more drinks. David did an excellent job with the side dishes and Mike cooked up some amazing tri-tips.

After eating, we all went downstairs where David setup the fire pit. With a roaring flame, we sat around and talked, told stories and had a great time. Then the police showed up. Apparently the music that we weren’t playing was too loud, so a neighbor called and complained. The officer was very friendly and said he was not sure why he was there. They told us to keep the laughter down a little and we would be fine. Great times.

Today is Oakland Pride. Jason and I are relaxing before we head out for some more fun during this great weekend. We hope to see you at Pride!


3 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend: Part 1

  1. Chelle says:

    So lemme get this straight (giggle #1)..they all told stories around a roaring you? (giggle #2)
    Are you now a lion? ‘Cause I KNOW you aren’t a bear! (giggle #3)

  2. I’ve decided I shall be called “Lord of the BBQ”!!! 🙂

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