Philadelphia bloggers: The city wants you to buy a license

Sample Philly BP License

Here is an interesting article out of Philadelphia that doesn’t involve the Boy Scouts. Apparently in the city of Philadelphia, those bloggers that are selling ads on their pages need to run out and get a business license. This makes sense to me. If you are selling ads on your blog, you are making money from your venture. That makes your venture (blog) a business. Running a business means you need a business license just like every other business.

This doesn’t mean that the city is trying to take away your First Amendment right. Right-wing blogger Michelle Malkin seems to misunderstand a few basic concepts. People have the right to have blogs without paying for a business license. We can throw our opinions all over the internet and not pay a dime for a business license. However, once you decide to start making money from your blog by selling ads, you become a business. Businesses must pay taxes and have a license. I don’t see how this is that hard to understand.

Check out the link below to the article if you would like more information.

Philadelphia bloggers: The city wants you to buy a license – Aug. 24, 2010.

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