Smoking: Brown vs. Green

The people of California will be voting this fall on whether to legalize the personal use of marijuana. I find this interesting, especially with all of the anti-smoking movements in the last decade. Do the people that are voting yes on this realize that the minimal restrictions will be based on current smoking laws? I find it more likely that the use of marijuana will fall closer to the restrictions around alcohol.

No matter how the restrictions fall, the use of marijuana in public will become more policed. Currently, I can walk down the street and find a person smoking pot on a daily basis. Legalizing marijuana for personal use will put an increased focus on containing the use within public settings.

A good example of this would be alcohol. I rarely find people wandering around drinking alcohol (with the exception of homeless people). So do these voters believe that personal use will be unrestricted?

Being a smoker is harder these days with all the crazy outdoor bans. I have yet to find a study showing a connection between brief contact to smoke in an outdoor setting and increased health risks. I personally think that the chemicals in cheap perfumes cause more damage to a person in these circumstances, but that is pure opinion.

In the end, whether restrictions are closer to tobacco or alcohol, will the public welcome pot heads with open arms or treat them like regular smokers? It will be interesting to see the outcome.


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