pPad: Unofficially Official

The rumor mill has been swirling around what I have dubbed the pPad. Until an official announcement is made, I will continue to call this slate the pPad. The internal codename at HPalm is The Hurricane. With the pun intended, this name blows. Seriously though, a name like Palm Slate would be better. The rumored name of PalmPad is not much better (HP trademarked this name). I am hoping for a name that is catchier, which is one thing that Apple is good at doing. What about The Palmer; Palm Slated, pTab or even pSlate? What would you call the upcoming webOS tablet device?

According to Engadget, this device will be hitting in the first quarter of 2011, which is disappointingly after the holiday season. That means, however, that people can return their holiday gifts to get the money for this or use their gift cards to purchase one.

I cannot wait for this to hit the market. I think the only two companies that have the ability to give Apple a run for it’s money in the tablet/mobile world are Google and Palm (with HP backing). I truly believe that the Windows 7 slates will fall flat. People want a mobile OS in order to preserve battery life, speed up start up times and increase the efficiency of the device. Windows 7 slates will more than likely be a little too bloated on the OS side to allow this efficiency, speed and battery life.

I will post more on this, including technical details, once HP officially confirms this device. Stay tuned to hear more about the pPad and the upcoming webOS phones.


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