Smart-Alec Sunday

I think that I am going to try creating a weekly posting that gives my brief thoughts on various news stories. I tried to do that earlier, but my brief thoughts on Prop 8 turned into a huge post. So here is my second attempt. Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Anne Rice quits Christianity “in the name of Christ”. There have been a lot of jokes over the years about Christ coming back and being shunned for not being Christian enough. I find it moderately humorous that Anne Rice made this statement. Another part of me does realize that there are good congregations out there that really do good work, but we unfortunately don’t hear from them enough.

Enrique follows through on his bet and does a little naked water skiing. How I wish this person had a better camera.

Rosie O’Donnell is coming back. She will have a new talk show on the emerging OWN network from Oprah. I wonder how many times Tom Cruise will appear as a guest. Or will he avoid her show like the plague because Rosie is openly gay now. I would hate to have to boycott her new show because he was appearing.

And finally, there are big rumors in the wild about a new webOS phone coming out this fall. The code-named C40 has some pretty good specs. I haven’t been this excited since the rumors about the Pre started. I just hope that the phone hits Sprint first.


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