Right on Target

I am all for a good boycott. Piss me off and you won’t see my money. Just ask Cracker Barrel. I like to think I spend my money wisely with concern over LGBT issues. During the holidays, I don’t shop at stores that allow the Salvation Army to beg for money in front of their stores.

With the Target debacle, the issue is a lot more gray. They donated money to an organization, who in turn used that money to support a political candidate that is extremely anti-gay.  Target has a history of helping and supporting local communities and LGBT groups. The HRC even gave a Target a perfect score.

So, you still want to boycott Target? Feel free. That shows me that you are overly critical and not very business savvy. A business has to be profitable. Target needs to support candidates that are pro-business. In a perfect world, we would get a candidate that is pro-business and pro-LGBT. Unfortunately, Republicans are in bed with the Xtians and Democrats are stealing money from companies to throw around everywhere.

So boycott Target. Just don’t shop at Walmart.



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