Not So Lazy Sunday

It’s Sunday and I am off to work. I remember when Sundays were my lazy days. I would work on laundry and cleaning while plastering my face on facebook. I would spend hours playing my facebook games while doing the housework.

Today, however, I am off to work. I have very important people coming to my center on either Monday or Tuesday. This means that I have to go in to make sure everything is clean and organized. We have to be ready for the VIPs I’m case they stop by.

While this does seem like a chore, I really am excited about the chance to meet the legendary Fred Smith and our own Brian Phillips. This opportunity doesn’t come along often, so the experience is thrilling.

At the same time, I have had a lot of other VIPs in my center over the last few weeks. I am a little tired and worn out from all of the hours. The silver lining is that I am taking a five day weekend for my birthday. Two days to get wild, a day to clean and two days of relaxing.

Here’s hoping I can make it that long.


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